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Flip Flop Studios team goes through a multi-step process when involved in a visual brand identity project. We like to get to know our client and make sure that the artwork produced is original, appealing and carrying the message relevant to the client’s target audience.


Research and Inspiration

When designing a logo, it is important to understand the context in which it will be used, At this stage Flip Flop Studios dives deep to find out all the information needed for the basis of a great logo:
- Initial client interview
- Visual Identity Questionnaire
- Competition research & Visual inspiration
- Compositional exercises

Initial Ideas

A continuation of STEP 2, several loose ideas emerge from the sketching ocean.
- Some digital sketches may be created
- Experimentation with composition, form and type
- 2 to 3 ideas are picked to be developed further

Final Logo

After hours of hard work and a final sign-off from the client, a new unique logo is born! Flip Flop Studios accompanies the new creation with the following:
- A vector graphic of the Logo
- A Logo Information Sheet
- A CD with print-ready artwork


The designer translates the inspiration and conclusions drawn from STEP 1, into visual representations.  Examples may include:
- Free-hand sketches
- Notes
- Compositional exercises

Refined Concept

After the client picks the final visual identity direction, we further refine one of the proposed ideas. Typical work at this point may include:
- Digital logo fine-tuning (via Adobe Illustrator and  Photoshop)
- Type choice finalizing

Design Application

The possibilities are endless! The new Logo can be applied to your web site, business cards, letterhead, promotional material and many more. Depending on the choice of the Graphic Design Package Flip Flop Studios offers the following services:
- Visual treatment of the website to match the style of the new Logo
- Business card and Letterhead design
- Other printed material design

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