Website Design Portfolio

Succession Strategy is an on-line site that matches buyers and sellers of books of business online. The founders of the company came to Flip Flop Studios looking for a professional logo design.


Research and Sketching

Research and sketching are extremely important in any design process. Through conducting competition research, we can see the key trends in the field and make sure the new logo carries the appropriate characteristics. Sketching helps to get the initial thoughts down quickly and the expression of the designer’s creative ideas regarding the logo.

First Ideas

Once the first sketches are produced it is time to transfer them to the computer. On the left are some initial fond options offered to Succession Strategy. The font choice is one of the most essential parts of any logo and finding the right one can take time. Our client wanted a font that has a classic script look. We offered several variations for comparison.

Choosing the Direction

The design direction can change several times during the design process. We have made several mock-ups and showed it to our client. These enabled Succession Strategy to make several key decisions about logo elements that were carried through to the final  stage. It is exciting to see how the positive aspects of several ideas can be merged into one!

Fine Tuning the Design

Once the final direction has been chosen, the changes to the logo design become less noticeable. This is where the most time is spent during the design process. In the example on the left, Flip Flop Studios was in a dialogue with Succession Strategy regarding the treatment of the font and background used in the logo.

Colour Studies

Colour palette research for the logo starts at the early stages of the project. The colours are explored further once the logo design starts to take shape. On the left are the colour variations offered to Succession Strategy. The client liked the brown tones, because they are inviting and warm, yet they can be used in a high profile professional company.

Final Logo

The result of the Succession Solution logo design is a clean, professional-looking graphic. Through close collaboration with our client, Flip Flop Studios succeeded in creating a professional business logo which became the basis for the stationery and web site design for Succession Solution.

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